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Whether it is finding best practice white papers or researching therapeutic trends, business leaders have a great deal to manage in bringing out the best in their staff.   Here are some quick, relevant articles to get you thinking in a new direction!  

How to help connect....

Leaders are often promoted in an organization based on the quality of their work.   There is rarely coursework designed to help them understand the dynamics of building loyalty, friendship, respect, and trust among their workforce.  Yet, extensive research shows this is necessary for a high-performing team.   Below you will find a few quick and easy reads to help you orient your thinking around recruitment, retention, and team building.   

The Center for Creative Leadership has outlined some excellent, simple steps towards building trust in your team.   

This landmark study showed the primary factors that were presenting in lasting friendships. While friendship in the workplace isn't mandatory, it certainly makes for a more cohesive and supportive workplace.

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning has a quick and easy 5 step process for ensuring you have a successful mentoring system in place for your staff.   

Building connection in a sometimes disconnected workplace is a key struggle for leaders across the globe.  See these insights from the Harvard Business Review on how to incorporate best practices for connection into your work.   

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