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Welcome to Capital Crescent Counseling and Consulting!


I am a licensed clinical professional counselor in private practice with offices in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland. I support adults of all ages through individual counseling, couples counseling, relationship counseling, and group counseling. The common experience of most of my clients is that their lives feel out of balance. This feeling may be because they are experiencing a life transition, relationship challenges, stress, anxiety, grief, symptoms of depression, or because they are not living authentically. My practice has a special focus in supporting multicultural, interfaith, and LGBTQ couples.


In the safety of my counseling room at Capital Crescent Counseling and Consulting, I support clients in the work of connecting with their inner wisdom as they find solace, center, explore, and transform their lives and their relationships in meaningful ways.  I recognize that each client is unique and each relationship is unique, thus I do not simply treat the symptoms. I collaborate with my clients to arrive at counseling goals that are right for them. I empower clients with practical strategies to incorporate into their daily living. At the same time, I support clients in doing the deeper work of understanding themselves and others. This may include integrating a client's spirituality into the counseling for those clients who wish to do so. 

Feel free to explore this web site to learn more about my background and my areas of specialization. If you have any questions or if there are ways in which I can be a source of support to you or your relationship(s), feel free to contact me

~Cindy Learn, LCPC, LPC, NCC 

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